• Have an insurance project and can’t find a reliable company to fix the siding? Siding repair is what we do and we are the absolute best in the country at it!
  • We can work with you to get the appropriate amount from the insurance company by assessing damage, taking photos, and submitting estimates directly to the insurance company on your behalf!
  • By us submitting the siding proposals your turn around time for negotiating with the insurance company will go down and your profits from your Overhead and Profit will go way up!
  • All we want is the siding portion you keep the O & P!
  • Best part yet, we are completely self sufficient! We will pick colors on your behalf with the client, order and pay for siding materials, and complete the project without necessity for supervision!
  • Did you happen to damage the siding? We work with you to quickly address the issues with the best, most cost effective, solution!
  • Your clients will be happy you referred a professional, you will be happy you didn’t have to pay an arm and leg to fix the problem!
  • We make you look good and we always say good things about you! We believe that the best way for us to have a nice long relationship is to help you build your good name and we take great effort to do so! If there is ever an incident where our mutual customer is unhappy with you for some reason we will do our best to communicate their issues to you and make them feel better about their experience!
  • Should you be interested in using our world class software and apps to run your business’s (sales, marketing, customer service, and production) processes, we will provide you a huge discount if you are a key partner! Because if you win, we win!
  • That means no matter what size your firm you can have cost effective tools to successfully and profitably run your business!


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