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  • Are there issues with the exterior of the home that you think will throw a red flag on the inspection report? No problem! We can take care of those issues quickly and affordably so you can get on with helping your clients buy or sell their home!
  • Have a fixer-upper that you’re trying get top dollar for? We can help by giving you a free design of what the house would look like with a fixed up exterior! People are visual so nothing says “This house could be amazing!” like a computer rendering of that house fixed up!
  • Our fast turnaround times mean that you can spend less time worrying about issues and more time showing the home!
  • If you’re the buyer’s agent you can get your clients ready and on the market faster with our complimentary “Are you ready to show?” checklist! This brochure includes things tips on choosing a paint color, to de-cluttering, and cleaning gutters. The best part is, we will customize these for you for free with your contact information, pictures, featured listings, testimonials, and even customized content! If you’re one of our all-star partners we will even pay for some or all of these promotional handouts! Your clients will be hugely impressed by your professional handout and your desire to help!


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