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  • We will inspect all your current and potential investments (either from the street, or full walk around depending on your rules and preferences), and provide at no charge full exterior inspection reports.
  • These reports can be done on your behalf with your letterhead, which depending on how many properties you invest in could save you hundreds of thousands of dollars a year in inspection fees!
  • As an investment firm you can use these inspections to make sure your properties aren’t falling behind on any necessary repairs or maintenance, and are meeting all your rules and regulations.
  • When issues are found we will clearly state 1. what the issue is 2. grade the severity, or lack there of 3. clearly detail options and costs for addressing these issues 4. which if viable, will also include low cost repair options.
  • All properties will assessed in our life cycle and maintenance plan report so you can create a clearer long term picture of cash flow and possible or necessary expenditures.
  • These reports can also give a much clearer picture of the investments potential short, medium, and long term value. We have no issue standing behind our reports should you wish to use our findings to negotiate better terms in the case of a potential acquisition.
  • Our national expansion means we can provide these services to your firm no matter what part of the country you’re in.
  • Our “Koalaty” means that you will increase profits by increasing the life cycle of projects we perform over our competitors.
  • Also as an added bonus our “Koalaty” will lower callbacks, minimize issues, and decrease the amount of long term maintenance costs.
  • In short by catching problems before they arise, creating detailed maintenance plans, and providing low cost repair options whenever viable, Koalaty might just be able to save and make your investment firm millions.


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