• Need siding repaired before you complete a painting project? We’re happy to help!
  • Do you need the project done quickly and/or in a specific time frame so you know how to schedule the paint project? We work with you and your clients schedule and can start and finish projects quickly!
  • When you repair the siding issues before you paint it ensures that pre-existing siding conditions won’t prematurely ruin your paint project. Said another way; fix the siding first and have painting customer over and over again, don’t fix the siding first and you might never have that customer again!
  • Have questions about the siding you’re painting, how long it will last, or if it’s damaged? We are happy to provide you with a free inspection to help you determine the best solution for your customer
  • We make you look good and we always say good things about you! We believe that the best way for us to have a nice long relationship is to help you build your good name and we take great effort to do so! If there is ever an incident where our mutual customer is unhappy with you for some reason we will do our best to communicate their issues to you and make them feel better about their experience!
  • Should you be interested in using our world class software and apps to run your business’s (sales, marketing, customer service, and production) processes, we will provide you a huge discount if you are a key partner! Because if you win, we win!
  • That means no matter what size your firm you can have cost effective tools to successfully and profitably run your business!


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