Insurance Agents

  • As insurance agent your client looks to you not only for protection but also advice in the case of an incident, with Koalaty you can now finally have someone to suggest in the case of exterior damage.
  • After an event Koalaty provides detailed reports that include pictures of damaged areas affected.
  • This coupled with our unrivaled expertise in siding (which we found nationally that siding experts are extremely deficient) we can provide solutions that may save you and your client thousands in the case of a claim
  • Because we are experts we will take the time to detail not only what we are doing but also the function of these items so that your company and your client understand what it is they are bringing to pre-loss conditions and what exactly that is supposed to mean.
  • In the case where a field adjuster misses damage or does not properly assess the the process to resolve the issue we will provide a very detailed explanation of what needs to be done and why. This clarity can save your company thousands of dollars in time and save the client’s precious time. All this resulting in a happier client, which means higher retention, and more business.
  • In the near future, we will offer complimentary exterior inspections prior to client acceptance. This will help you to better assess client risk and determine rates. Also, in the case of a claim you will have documented paperwork and photos of pre-existing conditions which could save your company millions.


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