• We inspect all the homes in the neighborhood (either from the street, or full walk around depending on your rules and preferences), and provide at no charge full exterior inspection reports.
  • These reports can be done on your behalf with your letterhead, which depending on how many properties you oversee could save you hundreds of thousands of dollars a year in inspection fees!
  • As an HOA you can use these inspections to make sure your homes aren’t falling behind on any necessary repairs or maintenance, and are meeting all your rules and regulations.
  • For homeowners who are behind we will clearly state options they have for addressing these problems which include low cost repair options. As an HOA this means the issues are resolved in a timely manner, and as homeowner it means you might be able to save thousands.
  • For any homes that do need work we will be sure to always follow the HOA guidelines for submitting work proposals and completing projects. This means more beautiful homes, and a lot less headache!
  • Because we are providing services to the entire community we be able to do the best work at unbeatable prices.


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