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November 04 2016 1Comment

How to Choose a Contractor

Reviews Check a minimum of 3 review/social media sites  to verify accuracy & consistency. Look for a minimum of 30 reviews overall to validate authority and rating. The Better Business Bureau Check rating, reviews, and most importantly complaint resolution. Any company who has been around a while get complaints, the most important thing to know […]

October 25 2016 0Comment

What’s in a Contract?

What They Are Doing This one should be obvious, but sadly it’s not. When looking at a contract it should specify in detail all the aspects of the project, not be ambiguous or confusing, and should be legible enough for everyone to read, including you. Complicated details should have extra dialogue to ensure nothing is […]

October 15 2016 0Comment

When to Repair or Replace

Assess Current Product Determine current product on your home. Research that product to see if there are any deficiencies, issues, or class action lawsuits. Assess Current Moisture Management System Look at the moisture management systems in conjunction with the product you current have on home. Do moisture management systems do what they are supposed to? […]

September 17 2016 0Comment

What to Expect During a Project

Time Frame A professional contractor will provide you will communication throughout the process on details such as potential start dates, length of project, and prior to start of project your actual start date. It is ideal to get your email for this type of correspondence. It is very important to realize that scheduling is not, […]

August 25 2016 0Comment

5 Post-Project Things to Know About

1) Payment Construction is not a high profit business, construction projects can be quite large, and contractors can have multiple projects going at a given time. This poses a large cash flow factor for small to medium sized businesses, and since contractors aren’t banks it’s hard for them to wait for thousands or tens of […]

July 25 2016 0Comment

The 4 Stages of Siding Damage

The purpose of siding is to protect the structural components of your home from moisture. Issues if unaddressed may therefore cause severe structural damage. It can be very difficult to assess, as siding itself is merely one piece of a decently complex exterior moisture management system. When assessing siding it is important to properly determine the following 5 […]

June 25 2016 0Comment

Siding Terminology 101

Working with contractors can be scary. Especially if you don’t understand the terminology. We want to help. Here is a list of common terms in siding that you may hear as you discuss a project with a contractor. Keep in mind, if you are confused, don’t be afraid to ask for clarification. If a contractor […]