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Did you get a notice from your insurance company, a letter from your HOA, or have an inspector notifying you that your home needs siding repairs, roof repairs, or other exterior repairs right away?

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Why Are Home Inspections Important?

A home inspection failure may have you wondering, “Why are these even important? There’s nothing severely wrong with my home, so why does it matter if it’s sustained a little damage?” These are valid questions, especially if the last thing you want to worry about is hiring a different contractor to fix each and every issue that was noted during the inspection.

These inspections are vital for your safety, though, because they identify issues that could become expensive problems, health hazards, and serious damage. If left unchecked, an aging home could eventually become unlivable because of structural issues, moisture damage, mold growth, and more.

If you’ve recently failed a home inspection, don’t worry. Look at this as an opportunity to improve your Colorado home and make a safer, more comfortable place for you to live. And with the help of Koalaty Siding Repair, you just need one contractor to perform a variety of services. Get in touch with us if you need siding repairs, siding replacement, roof repairs, a roof replacement, replacement windows, or deck repairs.

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What’s Included in a Basic Home Inspection?

Depending on the type of inspection being performed on your home, an inspector might be looking at specific systems within your home. A basic home inspection, however, covers all of the bases for safety and functionality. At a high-level view, an inspector will look at:

  • Electrical wiring
  • HVAC
  • Plumbing
  • Roofing
  • Exterior features
  • Drainage and foundation
  • Structural integrity
  • Paint (specifically, whether or not there’s lead paint)
  • Water quality
  • Air quality, allergens, and mold
  • Ventilation
  • Insulation
  • Fireplaces
  • Signs of moisture damage
  • Signs of damaging pests, like termites

While we would love to claim to be the Jack of all trades, there simply aren’t enough hours in the day for our team to address all of these issues (and we hope you don’t have all of these issues). Instead, let’s focus on what we can help you with — the exterior of your home!

Structural Integrity

This is kind of a broad term, but it basically refers to how sturdy your home is. A contributing factor to your home’s integrity is its siding. Your home’s siding protects the rest of the structure from moisture damage, mold, and even damage caused by impact during high winds.
If your siding is damaged, it’s not just an eyesore for your home’s curb appeal — it puts your home’s structural integrity at risk. If you’ve failed a home inspection because of “structural integrity” issues, make sure you understand what the inspector is referring to so you can make the necessary repairs. If you’re in need of siding repairs or a siding replacement to bring your home back up to code, contact Koalaty Siding Repair to schedule an appointment.

Roofing System

Like your siding, your roof plays a big part in protecting the underlying structure of your home. If your roof is old, damaged, or out of warranty, it’s a one-way ticket to a failed inspection. This is because as soon as roofing material is damaged, missing, or compromised, moisture damage can set in quickly.

If you need roof repairs or a roof replacement in order to pass a home inspection, you know who to call. Our team of roofing contractors can help you find the best solution for your budget and to improve the safety of your home.

Exterior Features

Other exterior features that could lead to a failed home inspection include damaged or drafty windows and doors, as well as a damaged deck. While these may just seem like superficial issues, they can actually pose serious health and safety hazards.

Doors and windows, for example, need to be resealed regularly to avoid moisture damage. Sealed windows and doors also help regulate the temperature of your home and can help lower energy usage.

A deck that’s not maintained is just plain dangerous to use. Splinters, cracks, and warping can all lead to injury. An old deck installation that hasn’t been taken care of can collapse completely, and may also cause damage to your home’s structure.

If you need replacement windows and doors or a new deck installation because of a failed home inspection, contact our team today for a quote.

What Are Common Reasons to Fail a Home Inspection?

Since a home inspection encompasses every aspect of how your home is built and functions, there’s a lot of potential for issues or damage. Nobody is perfect and neither are our homes, so here are some common issues often found during a home inspection:

  • Faulty wiring
  • Roofing issues
  • HVAC defects
  • Plumbing issues
  • Not enough insulation or ventilation in the attic
  • Poor drainage system
  • Cracks around windows and home exterior
  • Structural damage
  • Environmental hazards like mold growth
  • Poor home maintenance overall

Like home inspections, there’s only so much we can cover in detail as a home exterior contractor. If you’re faced with exterior structural damage, roof system damage, and moisture damage to the exterior of your home, we can help with repairs, replacements, and future maintenance. Learn more about these types of damages that are common for homes to experience over time.

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Who Performs Home Inspections?

Most people don’t think about home inspections until they’re building, buying, or selling a home. The truth is that there are many reasons why a homeowner may need to have their home inspected.

Whether you’re enrolling in homeowners insurance, you’re part of an HOA, or you’re selling your home, you may be subject to an inspection at any given point. If you need advice or help after these inspections, feel free to reach out to Koalaty Siding Repair with any questions.

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What Do I Do if My Home Fails an Inspection?

If your home fails an inspection, there are a few ways you can address it. It depends on why your home is being inspected, though. If you’re selling your home, exterior issues must be repaired before closing. Otherwise, you may be able to negotiate with the buyer on the asking price to avoid paying for costly repairs yourself.

If you’ve received a citation from your HOA or your homeowner’s insurance company is limiting coverage because of damage, you’ll need to address these issues as soon as possible. While DIY repairs are always on option, they aren’t always the best choice.

If you have limited knowledge of a home system, don’t risk your safety or causing further damage. Instead, hire a professional who knows what to look for during inspections. They’ll be able to identify issues faster and perform repairs quickly and efficiently. If you’re in need of roof repairs, siding repairs, deck repairs, or other home exterior repairs because of a failed inspection, contact Koalaty Siding Repair to schedule an appointment.

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Can I Ensure a Passing Inspection on My Home?

The good news is that there are precautions you can take to avoid failing a home inspection in the first place! Whether you have an HOA to appease, an insurance company to impress, or a buyer you’re looking to sell to, routine exterior inspections, maintenance, repairs, and replacements can save you the hassle and the expense of a failed home inspection in the future.

Routine Inspections

There are important home inspections and then there are inconsequential home inspections that tell you the condition of your home. Think of them as final exams versus pop quizzes. One determines the value and safety of your home, while the other is just a check-in to make sure systems are working properly. If you don’t have them scheduled already, reach out to our team to get routine roof, siding, and home exterior inspections on your calendar.

Regular Maintenance and Repairs

After your routine inspections, your contractor will probably have a list of maintenance tasks or repairs that need to be performed. Do not skimp out on these. It’s not uncommon for small issues to lead to serious damage, so invest a small amount of money now to avoid a huge expense in the future.

That said, it’s important to trust that your contractor is being honest with you. At Koalaty Siding Repair, we pride ourselves on our customer service and the trust that we build with you. We’ll never try to sell you on something you don’t need, and we’ll always work with you to find a solution that fits your budget and keeps your home safe.

Replace Systems As Needed

Nothing lasts forever — not even your home’s siding and roofing systems. If you notice that these features start to need more maintenance and repairs, it’s probably time to start budgeting for a siding replacement or new roof installation. Talk to our team about our different options for materials, and we’ll help you pick the best option for you. Contact Koalaty Siding Repair today to get started.

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