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How to Choose a Contractor


  • Check a minimum of 3 review/social media sites  to verify accuracy & consistency.
  • Look for a minimum of 30 reviews overall to validate authority and rating.

The Better Business Bureau

  • Check rating, reviews, and most importantly complaint resolution. Any company who has been around a while get complaints, the most important thing to know is how they take of their clients when something happens.


  • Ask for a minimum of 5 references (note: some review sites provide addresses).
  • Look at projects like yours when asking for references, it doesn’t do you any good if you can’t see what your experience might be like.

Certifications and Expertise

  • Break your project down to not only to the service but the specific products used.
  • Ask for documentation showing any certifications from that product manufacturer.

Communication and Follow-up

  • Are the contractors you’re considering communicating with you clearly and regularly throughout the estimation process?
  • Have they taken the time to walk you through what to expect throughout the  process, and followed through on their statements to you , or notified you immediately of  any changes?
  • If your contractor has great communication now  you have a much better chance they will continue to once they’ve earned your business, and the opposite is also true as well.


  • Make sure your agreements are crystal clear. A good rule of thumb is this; If a crew of installers showed up at your house to do the work, would they know EXACTLY what to do simply by reading the contract? Remember, if it’s not written down it isn’t getting done!
  • A detailed agreement shows that a contractor has an attention to detail (seems obvious once I say it), and the opposite is most often true as well

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  1. I own my own window company and I’m always searching for newer info in the industry.
    Enjoyed the read. You’ve got a great site BTW.


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