Exterior Design

Do you love beautiful homes? Do you want your home to inspire you when you see it? Do you want to feel something when you pull into your driveway?

At Koalaty Siding Repair, we are incredibly passionate about exterior design because we know that your home isn’t just a place you sleep — it’s where you live your life. We know how a beautiful house designed to fit your personality can make you feel at ease and inspire you when you see it. Through siding replacement, roof installation, and other exterior remodeling, we will work with you to create a design you will love.

Why Choose Koalaty?

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Siding: Want siding that will make you feel something? We’ll install siding you’ll be passionate about.


Soffits: Want your overhangs to look stunning? We will show you how beautiful soffits can be.


Windows: Are you looking for windows that are works of art? We offer window installations that excite.


Roofs: Do you want your roof to be as elegant as you are? We will drastically transform your roof with a new installation.


Decks: Do you want an outdoor space so glorious you don’t want to come inside? Let’s build it together.

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  • Affordable: We Offer Repair Options As Low As $1500, And Financing On Larger Projects
  • Sales Free: You Can Relax Because We Don’t Believe In High-Pressure Sales Tactics
  • Every Siding: We Specialize In All Siding Types So We Will Help You Find Your Perfect Project
  • Customer Service: We Set Clear Expectations, Have Excellent Communication, And Do A+ Work
  • Our Guarantee: We Give A “Never Leak For Life” Guarantee On Our Siding Repairs



Inspect: We give you Colorado's best inspection, then educate you on what's happening and why.


Plan: We work to find the best repair or replacement option available for your budget and goals.


Solve: We repair your home, treat you with kindness, and cover our workmanship for life.

What Is Exterior Design?

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“Exterior design” is the term used to describe what the outside of a home looks like. It includes architectural features like:

  • The roof
  • Soffits
  • Fascia
  • Gutters
  • Windows
  • Siding
  • Exterior doors
  • Decks
  • Patios
  • Walkways
  • Driveway
  • Garage door
  • Landscaping

At Koalaty Siding Repair, we offer a variety of these services for your Colorado home to improve its exterior appearance as well as how it functions to protect your family and keep you comfortable. If you’re in need of siding replacement, window installation, a roof replacement, or deck installation, our team is your trusted source for high-quality products and craftsmanship.

Is Exterior Design Important for My Home?

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When you think of “exterior design,” you probably think of it more as an aesthetic quality rather than a necessity for the overall function of your home. However, many exterior features are designed with function in mind to keep your home protected as well as beautiful.

While there are a variety of options to make changes to the exterior design of your home, most of these changes will be applied to the structure of your home, making the construction and quality of these installations vital to the overall function of your home. Some materials for different features include additional benefits like lower maintenance, improved energy efficiency, and an increase in your home’s value.

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Form & Function in Exterior Design

As we’ve mentioned, the purpose of exterior design is twofold: form and function. The part of exterior design that you’re meant to enjoy immediately is its form. Koalaty Siding Repair helps you decide on the material, texture, pattern, and a variety of other aesthetic qualities to ensure that the exterior design of your home is inspiring and beautiful.

The part of exterior design that you’ll experience the benefits of over time is its function. Not only do siding contractors, window contractors, roofing contractors, and deck contractors help you decide on the most beautiful exterior features for your home, but we also make sure that they’ll help your home function more efficiently and keep your family safe.

Signs Your Home Needs an Exterior Design Update

If you’re still not sure how you can improve the exterior design of your Colorado home, we’ve compiled a list of basic signs to look out for. These symptoms could be an indication that your home would benefit from an exterior design update that will not only make the exterior of your home more beautiful but will also improve its value as well.

Check out our suggestions, contact us with any questions, or reach out to schedule an estimate for stylish and sturdy siding replacements, roofing installations, deck installations, replacement windows, and more.


The Exterior Is a Different Style Than the Interior

This could also be a sign that the interior design of your home could use an update, but the point is that the exterior and interior of your home should look and feel similar. When you walk out the front door, do you feel like you’ve walked through a time machine into a much earlier decade? Trending materials, colors, patterns, and even manufacturing techniques change over time, so an exterior design that’s Mission Style is going to feel horribly mismatched with an updated, Mid-Century Modern interior.

If you’re looking for a way to blend these styles together, consider how modern replacement windows alone could help unify the two spaces and update the exterior design of your home. And this is just one example of how the interior and exterior design of your home can differ. For help updating the exterior of your home so it feels more like the interior, contact Koalaty Siding Repair today.

Your Exterior Features Look Dated

Similar to having an exterior design that looks disconnected from the rest of your home, your mint-green siding from the late ‘60s isn’t doing you any favors. A dated look like this can make your home feel tired, uninspired, and unremarkable. Not only that but if this style is actually as old as it looks, it’s probably not compliant with current building codes to protect the structure of your home and keep your family safe.

We’re not saying you can’t have mint-green siding, but choosing a more modern material or pattern can help make your home look refreshing, inviting, and statement-making while giving a subtle nod to the groovy decade that inspired it.


Exterior Features Look Dingy or Damaged

A dated look isn’t the only thing to worry about when trying to decide whether or not to update the exterior design of your home. Dingy-looking exterior features are aged and potentially damaged, meaning that your home is at risk of further damage if these issues aren’t addressed.

Don’t get us wrong, we’re all for the abandoned-cabin look if you are, but let’s make sure everything is structurally sound and isn’t about to collapse from water damage. This could mean a metal roof replacement that forms a gorgeous patina as it ages or wooden shake siding that’s customized with different stains and shake sizes to create a more whimsical look. We want to give your home character, but “character” doesn’t have to mean faded and warped siding or rotting roof shingles.

There Is Moisture Damage

We will die on this hill: moisture damage is detrimental to the safety of your home. How does moisture get in? Usually, it’s through the exterior of our homes where water is able to penetrate barriers and seep into the structure of the property. Here are just a few signs of moisture damage that you should have repaired immediately to prevent further expenses:

  • Dark or discolored spots on your ceilings, walls, or floors
  • Cracking, bubbling, or flaking paint
  • Dripping sounds when there are no faucets on
  • Damp, musty smells
  • Mold, mildew, or other fungi growth
  • A steep increase in utility bills

If you’re going to invest the time and money to have something fixed, make sure it gets fixed right. A repair may patch a small problem, but investing in a siding replacement offers the opportunity to resecure the exterior of your home entirely while updating its look to something more modern and beautiful that you’ll want to take care of.


You Feel Uninspired by Your Home’s Exterior

The exterior of your home could be in great condition, but if you just don’t like the look of it then it’s time for something new. We get it, new installations or product replacements are an investment, which is why our team at Koalaty Siding Repair can help you find the most affordable and awe-inspiring exterior design options for your Colorado home.

We can take a look at the current design of your home and help you determine what the easiest, most affordable options are to give your home new life and make it a place you’re excited to be.

Exterior Design Updates to Transform Your Home

If you already have a few good reasons to update the exterior design of your Colorado home, the next step is to decide which features you’ll update and how. At Koalaty Siding Repair, we have a dedicated and experienced team of contractors that not only install products meticulously, but they can also assist you during the preparation stage of exterior design projects to help find the best materials, patterns, colors, and finishes that suit your home, your budget, and your personal taste.

With our help, you’ll never need to work with several companies to make your dream home a reality — we offer a variety of exterior design services to ensure everything is installed correctly, professionally, and with a cohesive aesthetic in mind.

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Siding covers the exterior walls of your home, but it offers so much more than just a protective barrier between you and the elements. With our help, you can have a jaw-dropping siding installation that incorporates different materials like metal and wood, comes together with unique patterns like tiling and planks, and creates a unique and customized space that will make you want to get outside and admire the beauty of your home.

Share your dreams of a more beautiful home today, and Koalaty Siding Repair will work to make that dream a reality. Contact us today with any questions or to schedule a quote.



“Have you had your soffits examined recently?” I’m sorry, my what? Do yourself a favor and Google-search, “what are soffits?”

A soffit is any piece of architecture on the underside of a construction element. They imply the projection of beams, as soffits are attached from beam to beam.

Why are they important? They’re part of the exterior design of your home. While this seems like a fairly basic element, it can go a long way to transform your outdoor environment. Soffit boards can be installed in a similar color to your siding to blend in, you can choose a unique material like metal or wood to make a statement, or you can choose a highlight color to help visually separate one element of your home from the next.

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Your windows are the first indication as to whether or not the exterior of your home matches its interior. Not only is it an aesthetic and protective element to exterior design, but it also gives you a slight glimpse inside your home.

Replacement windows are sometimes all it takes to transform the exterior of a home from something that looks clunky and mismatched to something sleek, sophisticated, and expertly installed.



Roofs do a lot to protect your home from the elements, but did you realize that they can also be a beautiful exterior feature of your home worth admiring?

If you’re looking into a new roof installation or roof replacement, consider the benefits of investing in a sturdy material that offers as much aesthetic appeal as it does safety. Designer asphalt shingles, metal paneling, and wood shakes are just a few examples of materials we can use to re-cover your roof and make it a work of art.

Talk to our team today about redesigning the look of your roof, schedule an estimate, and our roofing contractors will get started planning a new roof installation that you’ll love.



Decks are a quick and relatively inexpensive installation for different areas around your home. When you build a deck, you suddenly have an entirely new area of your home to enjoy. It’s great for creating a comfortable outdoor space that you can continue to build onto over time.

You might start with a primary platform that smooths out your terrain for furniture and your barbeque grill, but what if you add a pergola to it that offers shade on a hot summer day? Then, you could plant vines that grow around the beams and provide some additional greenery to your life. Suddenly, you have a little outdoor oasis to enjoy some fresh air, some sunshine, and beautify installed exterior design.

DIY Ways You Can Improve the Exterior of Your Home

Now that we’ve covered the ways that Koalaty Siding Repair can help you improve the exterior design of your Colorado home, it’s time to look at some changes you can make right now.

We hope that these improvements inspire you to do even more, like invest in stylish replacement windows, modern siding replacements, or a revolutionary metal roof installation. In the meantime, check out these DIY ways you can improve the exterior design of your home.


Update Light Fixtures

Exterior lighting is a unique design element because it helps you to observe the rest of its environment. And, where better to see well than the exterior of your home where the environment changes by the day?

Visit your local hardware store and peruse the different carriage lights, pendant lights, and sconces available to install on the exterior of your home. Swap out fixtures where electrical is already connected to make this easier. If you’re looking for ways to make your home more energy-efficient, place or install solar light fixtures that convert the sun’s energy into light that lasts even after sunset.


Redo Landscaping

Add some life to the exterior of your home by planting shrubs, trees, and seasonal flowers. Not only does this plantlife add more color, scents, and texture to your outdoor environment, but it also provides additional oxygen that helps you breathe a little easier and relax.

Here are some other landscaping features to install:

  • Rock gardens
  • Ponds — with or without fish
  • Footpaths

With just a few changes to the plants, rocks, and other natural features on the exterior of your home, you start to create a place that feels a little more comfortable and enjoyable. For larger projects, contact your local plant nursery for assistance.


Update Garage Doors

Your front door isn’t the only one that leads to the interior of your home. Your garage door is another opportunity to add visual elements and focus to improve the exterior design of your home.

Updating your garage doors could be as simple as washing them and applying a fresh coat of paint. It could also entail something more elaborate, like installing metal features that look like hinges or handles from a barn door. A new garage door installation is also an option to update your Colorado home’s exterior design.


Invest in Outdoor Furniture

When you start creating an inspiring environment outside of your home, it’s only natural to want to spend more time outdoors enjoying it. Shop for outdoor furniture that’s designed to withstand different temperatures and weather conditions; choose cushions and accent pillows that are quick-drying and can be easily washed; and place an outdoor rug that provides texture, color, and even more comfort to your outdoor space.

If you have parts of the exterior of your home dedicated to different activities, choose outdoor furniture that’s appropriate for what you plan on doing. Place a bench in your flower garden where you can rest and enjoy the fragrance, dining furniture close to the barbeque grill, and chaise lounges by the pool or out in the sunshine.


Replace the Entrance Door

You might need some assistance installing this, but replace your entryway door to add color, texture, and a focal point to the entrance of your home. If you like to let in more fresh air but don’t want the dog running down the street, invest in a screen door or a barn-door style entrance that creates a gate and a window that swing on separate sets of hinges.

If you’re interested in feng shui and other home design theories, research how changing the color, size, and material of your front door affects how inviting your entryway is. Front doors that have window panes installed also create a warmer, more welcoming atmosphere.


Repave the Driveway

Do you know how much can be done with just concrete to add interest and sophistication to the exterior design of your Colorado home? If your driveway is cracked, uneven, or just plain unexciting to look at, it’s time for an upgrade and a repave.

It’s best to work with a professional on this one unless you’re just going to create a gravel pathway; otherwise, there are a variety of concrete coating and installation systems that add color, texture, shapes, and patterns to create a more pleasing exterior home design. Look into random stone, anti-slip coating, and other options to upgrade your driveway replacement.


Install Exterior Decor

Another way you can liven up the exterior design of your home is by placing decor like statues, wall art, planters, and mobiles. Wind chimes create a delightful euphony, visual pieces give the exterior of your home character, and planters are just another opportunity to bring life closer to you.

The hardware store or plant nursery is again a great place to shop for elements that add beauty to the exterior of your home. We recommend materials like stone, metal, and wood that’s been sealed with a waterproof finish so that these items are more resilient against changes in the climate and weather.

From exterior decor to architectural elements of exterior design, Koalaty Siding Repair is here to help. Contact us today to schedule a quote for one of our exterior design services.

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