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The 4 Stages of Siding Damage

The purpose of siding is to protect the structural components of your home from moisture. Issues if unaddressed may therefore cause severe structural damage. It can be very difficult to assess, as siding itself is merely one piece of a decently complex exterior moisture management system. When assessing siding it is important to properly determine the following 5 things.

  1. What type of siding do you have? What issues, if any, are associated with it?
  2. Are there current issues? If so are they purely cosmetic or a structural concern?
  3. What is the life cycle? Which issues require attention, and over what time line?
  4. What strategic maintenance should be performed to extend the life cycle?
  5. Are there any functional issues (such as lack of house wrap, poor insulation, or current framing rot) that require a more comprehensive approach? If so, what?

Stages of Damage

There are two main causes of failures, either the product is failing, or the moisture management systems aren’t working (or are non-existent). Identifying system failures is *somewhat* easier, but for product failures we identify damage in 4 stages. Here is a brief understanding of the stages of damage.

Stage 1:

Siding is good condition! Focus should be on maintenance programs.

Stage 2:

Siding is beginning to deteriorate. Focus should be on proactively addressing issues and determining remaining time of current siding systems.

Stage 3:

Siding is no longer entirely structurally protective. Focus should now be to immediately addressing issues to minimize/prevent severe structural damage.

Stage 4:

Siding is completely destroyed. Issues at this stage are great and include serious structural damage. Focus should be trying limit losses and expenses.

Koalaty Siding has a a proprietary system that we have created through our experience with thousands of homes, please feel free to ask our representatives questions.

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